A relationship is a couple who truly loves each other

A relationship is a couple who truly loves each other, but there is so much more. The man and the wife should not depend on each other, rather know how to be independent. They should know how to be responsible, and mature. Not knowing how to be independent can lead to a disaster when being in a relationship. The epic love stories show the tragedies the young couples faced, and how they reacted to it. The play, Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare is about two star crossed lovers who cannot love each other because their families hate each other. The couple soon finds a way to marry, but tragedy hits, and the two struggles to get back together and end up dying together. The movie, Devdas, by Bhansali, is about Devdas coming back home after ten years and finally comes back to his loved one, Parvati Chakraborty. They are separated from their families and Devdas dies from abusive use of alcohol when both almost sees each other at the end. The play, Romeo and Juliet, and the movie, Devdas, is thought of as epic love stories about star crossed lovers but are not. The two male lead characters, Romeo and Devdas, are immature, sexist, and obstinate.
Romeo and Juliet and Devdas is not a love story because Romeo and Devdas are immature and cannot handle relationships. In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo explains why Tybalt and Mercutio cannot fight, saying: “Forbidden bandying in Verona streets / Hold. Tybalt! Good Mercutio!” (Shakespeare 3.1). Romeo expresses his hatred over Tybalt after killing Mercutio, stating: “And fire-eyed fury be my conduct now.” (Shakespeare 3.1). Romeo did not flee from the fight and instead of the prince finding Tybalt for execution. Romeo took matters to his hands and killed him, knowing the streets of Verona banned fighting. In Devdas, Devdas shows his immaturity by not talking it through with his dad, Devdas chooses to leave the house over something trivial. (Bhansali). Devdas is a lawyer and should have easily talked it through with his dad. Instead, he chose to run away from something trivial that he or anyone else can talk it out. Devdas and Romeo both are immature and should have thought it out before taking action because if both of them is mature, they can think things out and do something else instead of killing someone for avenge or running away. Both of them is immature and cannot be mature enough to handle a relationship.
Romeo and Devdas are sexist and always judging women when they either do not get what they want. In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo fell in love with Juliet and is badly, talking about Rosaline, explaining: “She will not stay the siege of loving terms … That when she dies, beauty dies her store.” (Shakespeare 1.1). Romeo tells Benvolio how Rosaline will never lose virginity to a man and will waste her beauty when she dies. Romeo is sexist for judging women for who they are. Romeo is explaining how a woman’s only job is to lose her virginity from a man. In Devdas, Chandramukhi talks to Devdas and flirts with him, Devdas insults her and calls her a whore and how her job is only for people like her. (Bhansali). Devdas should not insult anyone, especially a woman who has never done anything wrong to him. Devdas insults her and calls her worthless and whore. No woman should be called a whore or worthless even when she’s not a mom, sister, wife, or friend to anyone. Romeo and Devdas are both sexist and should not have a wife or be in a relationship because they cannot treat others like how they treat their loved ones.
Romeo and Devdas resist from getting help from others, every man who’s mature should know every type of help is helpful in different ways. In Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence tells Romeo, there’s more than just Verona, says: “Hence from Verona art thou banish / Be patient, for the world is broad and wide.” (Shakespeare 3.3). Romeo did not agree and explained how Verona is the world and there is no other world outside from Verona. Friar Lawrence tried helping Romeo, but he resisted and all he thinks is the outside world is like Hell. In Devdas, Chandramukhi is happy that Devdas is staying and would help him at all, Chandramukhi offers medicine to sick Devdas from drinking too much alcohol. Devdas refuses to take the medicine and throws it away from him. (Bhansali). Chandramukhi notices Devdas is getting sick from all the alcohol he drinks. Chandramukhi kindly gives him medicine to heal, but Devdas refuses. Devdas does not care if he is badly ill, even if loved ones still care and tries to help. For people who are mature, they would accept any type of medication that will help them live longer. For Devdas and Romeo, they would always resist from getting any type of help a friend can offer, how can they stay with a girl when they cannot even help themselves.
Romeo and Juliet and Devdas depicted as star crossed lovers but are not. Romeo and Devdas are immature, sexist, and obstinate. For all the things they have done, they faced easy tasks and instead of doing of what they should have done. They should have done an alternate way and things would have been different. Romeo expresses himself with hatred and ends up killing Tybalt when knowing he should have let him get caught by the Prince and get executed. If he was not immature he would have let the Prince of Verona catch him. Instead, of him avenging Mercutio’s life. Devdas should not call anyone worthless, or a whore because everyone has someone in a special place where they care. He would not offend anyone if he’s not sexist. Devdas also resists help from Chandramukhi when she gives him medicine to heal. He would get help from anyone if he would not resist. The fact both of them cannot take care of themselves leads them to a tough situation that shows that they are immature. The epic love stories are in fact tragedies that take place in the male lead characters life.